Martin Coleman, MD talks with a patient

What to Expect

Please read carefully the following list of instructions if you or a family member has been scheduled to have surgery at Coastal Virginia Surgery Center. These instructions are not all-inclusive, meaning you may have other instructions given to you by your operating physician that you will need to follow.

Before Surgery

  • After you have scheduled your surgery, go to and click on “Access the Patient Portal” to register for your procedure.
  • When you are scheduled for surgery, you will receive a telephone call from our staff. We will ask general medical questions and go over instructions related to your specific procedure. We may, during that call, give you the time you will need to arrive at Coastal Virginia Surgery Center, or we may call you closer to the day of your surgery to schedule the specific time.
  • We will discuss with you, ahead of time, our payment policy and what your payment obligations will be (see payment policies on pages two & four).
  • If you have not heard from us by 2:00pm on the day before your surgery is scheduled, please call 757.782.4886.
  • Bathe or shower and shampoo your hair, the evening before and the morning of your surgery. You may be given a special skin cleanser to use (instructions will be provided with this).
  • Notify your physician and Coastal Virginia Surgery Center staff if you have had any changes in your health since your pre-op visit. These include chest pain, breathing problems, illnesses, infection, or recent hospitalization.

Day of Surgery

  • Bring a list of any medications that you are presently taking, prescription or non-prescription, or medications you are prescribed but currently not taking. You may prefer to bring your medications in a container or bag. Also, bring a list of known allergies to medications, latex or known side effects to anesthesia.
  • Bring your insurance and/or Medicare card, a photo ID (if you have one), and your social security number if not listed on one of your cards. You may also be asked to bring a payment on the day of surgery.
  • If you have an Advanced Directive, such as a Living Will/Power of Attorney, and you or your family member does not sign or make decisions for himself/herself, please bring a copy of those documents.
  • If you require any sedation for your surgery, you must have a responsible adult accompany you on the day of surgery who will drive you to and from the surgery center and stay with you for 24 hours after your procedure. Do not drive yourself to the surgery center. If you are using public transportation or a cab, you must have a responsible adult accompanying you.
  • Take blood pressure, seizure, and/or heart medication as prescribed on the morning of your surgery with a small sip of water, unless otherwise advised by your surgeon. Do not take insulin or diabetes medications. You may bring them with you, especially if you plan to eat out prior to going home after surgery.
  • There may be medications you have to stop for a specific length of time prior to surgery. Examples of these are blood thinners, anti-inflammatories, diet pills and herbal supplements. Your physician may show you a list of medications that may need to be stopped and advise you. Please look at that list carefully and discuss questions with your surgeon and Coastal Virginia Surgery Center staff as needed.
  • Do not eat or drink for 8 hours prior to the time you are scheduled to arrive at Coastal Virginia Surgery Center. This includes water, gum, candy and smokeless tobacco. As mentioned, you may take medications with a small sip of water, if told to do so. Eating, drinking or chewing smokeless tobacco can result in the delay or cancellation of your surgery. If you are scheduled late in the day, someone may call you with instructions on limited allowances concerning intake. Please hydrate well the day before your surgery.

After Surgery

  • At discharge, you will be given a copy of detailed instructions to follow. These instructions will be reviewed pre and post-operatively and you will be given a chance to ask questions. Your instructions will have the phone numbers to call if you experience any complications.
  • You will be called for a post-operative condition check the day following your surgery, and you will be asked a few questions about your surgical experience.
  • You may call us during our business hours at 757.782.4886 if you have any questions about your procedure or your bill.
  • We will provide you with a post-op satisfaction questionnaire/survey. Please return it with any comments or suggestions you have related to your experience with our facility.

Payment Policy

Coastal Virginia Surgery Center is contracted with most public and commercial insurance carriers and will bill those carriers for your services. You will be responsible for any co-payments or deductibles that apply to your particular policy. Your surgeon will bill for his services separately, as will anesthesia and/or the pathologist (if used). You may pay co-pays/deductibles with cash, check or major credit card. If you have any questions regarding the fees for your surgical procedure, please ask to speak to our business office manager.